Access Officer: Noel Collins


The following guidelines have been considered in designing this website:

  • Style sheets have been used to control layout and presentation as much as possible.
  • The site uses 'relative' text sizes, which means that users can easily change the text size in their browser. (The default setting for the site in Internet Explorer is 'Medium'.) The quickest way to change website text is to use the up arrow and roll the mouse ball up.
  • "Skip navigation" feature allows users with screen reading software to skip reading the navigation bar on every page and go directly to the content of the page.
  • The site allows users to access some pages from anywhere within the site by using the appropriate access key.
  • The site contains a site map.
  • No images are animated.

Using your keyboard and mouse

This section details how to navigate a web page using just the keyboard, and explains how special shortcuts known as 'access keys' can make keyboard navigation easier.


Tabbing around a web page using the keyboard

Using the keyboard to browse the web can be a useful alternative to using the mouse to navigate a page.


Pressing the 'Tab' key while on a web page will select the next link on the page. You can press 'Tab' repeatedly to get to the chosen link. The selected link is indicated by the dotted border around it.

Once your chosen link is selected, you can trigger it by pressing the 'Enter' key on your keyboard. You can move backwards through links by pressing 'Shift' and 'Tab' together.


Using access keys to navigate a website

Access keys are essentially keyboard shortcuts on a website that give a keyboard or screen-reader user quick and easy access to all the main areas of the site.


Depending on the user's browser software, access keys are usually pressed in combination with other keys such as ALT (on Windows) or CTRL (on Mac) followed by 'Return'. Please note that your browser may or may not support access keys. Please consult your browser documentation for further details.

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