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Port of Waterford is operating at Security Level 1

The ISPS Code is based on three security levels. When there is a heightened risk of a security incident, the security level is raised.


Security Level    1       Normal situation, with standard protective security
Security Level    2      Heightened risk of a security incident. Additional protective security measures. 
Security Level    3  Security incident is probable.
Further specific protective security measures.


ISPS Code: international standard for security

This code is an international standard for improving the security of ocean-going vessels and port facilities. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) developed the ISPS Code in December 2002. The protective security measures were incorporated into a European Directive 2005/65 on 1 July 2004. As a consequence companies operating a terminal or a loading / unloading wharf are obliged to draw up a security plan, based on a risk analysis. A security plan is also mandatory for ocean-going vessels. 


Port of Waterford undertakes training, regular drills and exercises annually. Various resources are available to maintain port security awareness, including “Handbook Port Security Awareness”, which is useful for periodical training of non-security terminal staff. This handbook is available here .




Agents of ships covered by the ISPS Code are required to supply ship security pre-arrival information 24 hours. 


Statutory pre-arrival notification details are required to be notified via SafeSeas Ireland (SSI) www.safeseas.ie .


Failure to comply with notification and reporting details will result in unnecessary delays.



The ‘Port Security Officer (PSO)’ is responsible for security throughout the port. This is the Harbour Master;


The ‘Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)’ is responsible for security at a terminal, as listed below. If a PFSO is unavailable, you can contact the ‘Port Security Officer’;


The ‘Ship Security Officer (SSO)’ is responsible for security on board a ship.


Port Facilities

Port of Waterford has 4 port facilities, each with its own Port Facility Security Officer. The Port Security Officer, who is also the Harbour Master, notifies the Port Facility Security Officer as necessary regarding specific details of the security situation.



BelviewJohn Foley
Derek Madigan
O’Brien’s QuayPaul Keating

City Quays – Frank Cassin Wharf      Noel Collins
Great Island




The Port Security Officer can be contacted about operational matters via the Harbour office: 


Tel: +353 51 899 800 or VHF: 16

E-mail: security@portofwaterford.com

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